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Hi everyone! 

Many of you have seen my posts about a friend of mine, Christian.

He went missing on Tuesday, August 6th, just a little bit after midnight. He had called his mother and told her he was on the way home and he never made it. This was unlike him. I am close to his “woman”, Karlena (they’re not official but might as well be) and I was there when his mom called her. We then began posting on facebook, asking if anyone had seen/heard from him. No one had. The police didn’t treat this as a critical situation because he is an adult. They didn’t search for him. They tried tracing his phone, which was dead. They told his family they’d need a detective to do that. 

Two days passed, and we had posted his car information on facebook and someone saw it and realized they had seen his car on a dirt road. She then contacted his mother, his mother contacted the police and they went and checked it out. He was not with his car but there was blood inside. They then began searching for him out there, around where his car was, and found him - severely beaten, unconscious and barely alive.

They life flighted him to Atlanta medical center.

His jaw was broken in three places, he has massive head trauma/brain bleeds and is on a ventilator..

The man pictured above in the article posted confessed to beating Christian to near death. He beat him unconscious, put him in Christians car, drove him to a dirt road and left him to die.

On August 20, Christian had surgery on his jaw to repair the three breaks. They were only able to repair two of the three, because the last one was too severe. His jaw is wired shut for the next six weeks.

He is now on the road to recovery. They are moving him to a rehabilitation center soon. 

Christian needs your help. He has a very long recovery ahead of him and to make it easier/smoother, there has been a donation page set up. Anything helps. It goes toward his rehabilitation. 

We want to prove to Christian that there are still good people in this world. Seriously anything helps. 

Please signal boost this, reblog, just get it out there. He is a sweetie pie and didn’t deserve this at all.

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